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May 31st Necrotic is releasing The long Awaited Dreichmere - "The Fruit Of Barren Fields" full Length album only 7 tracks but right at 80 min of music from this epic Blackened Death/Doom concept album . This Is the Vivaldi four seasons or Death/Doom

New Release! Cursed Be Thy Flesh - The Ritual

4/30/2020 released Cursed Be Thy Flesh - The Ritual CD, 12" vinyl record, promotional video and download sampler available at 

Necrotic Records releases

2020  Necrotic Records 

In 2020 Necrotic Records has taken the "make or brake" additude ! We are throwing everything we got at the future Of Necrotic Records. We have already this year released and re-issued more new  albums than we ever did in the past 20 years combined ! 

Please check out our releases and order something from any of our shops and store, we have tried to make it as easy as we could for you to order what you want. personally I think the Necrotic Records Face book page shop gives you the best options and ease but it's all up to you feel free to shop our Amazon store. or send me your order direct to my e-mail : with paypal payments 


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